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Social Media: Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing - it's another on of those terms that gets bounded around in terms of your website...but what does it mean, and how do you do it, and do it well?  The way to think about inbound marketing with social media is like word of mouth on steroids. The risk you run in ignoring the importance of social media in business, is that you will be limited to your inner circle of customers or the people that are already familiar with your market or brand.

Consumers love social media, with many regularly checking their various accounts throughout the day. Facebook, for example, now has 1.32 billion daily active users on average. It’s no surprise that these platforms have become a vital ingredient in the marketing mix. Therefore - inbound marketing utilising social media is one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic to your website - because It’s the kind of traffic that actually converts since it’s relevant. 

Putting in effort into social media promotion, allows you to create a whole new channel to draw in targeted inbound traffic and get more inbound links.  For example, having an active blog makes it easy for you to connect with your audience with the help of fresh content - but imagine that your audience now shares this content on Twitter or Facebook, and you can potentially increase your reach up to ten times. Suddenly you are reaching out to a bigger audience that may like and share your content, follow your brand and ultimately become a customer.

People that are already actively searching for keywords related to your product or service are a smaller percentage than those who aren’t - but tap into the power of social media and once again you are now able to connect to this larger, untapped segment of the market, and diversifying your marketing efforts. You don’t reach out to just one type of crowd, but connect to a versatile customer base. 

For instance, professionals may find your website via LinkedIn while the younger crowd may find you on Instagram. Each piece of social media content that you create is a new door for new customers to enter. It’s a different opportunity for you to connect, but you must ensure you are creating enough high quality content that you can post on social media sites, and attract high-converting inbound traffic.

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