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As a web & graphic designer, I love working with small and start-up businesses, which gives me the ability to work closely with my clients and develop a strong relationship throughout the entire design process and beyond.

Based in Oamaru, but working NZ wide, I specialise in clean, modern and functional websites and cohesive purposeful visual identity, creating your brand from conception to delivery.

I can take care of your whole business

  • Website Designs

  • Visual Identity - logo, business cards, brochures, social media templates, building signage, flyers, vehicle signage

  • Marketing Strategy


Prior to branching out on my own, my role as the Senior Graphic Designer for a large signwriting company allowed me to see the other side of design, and get a complete picture of the design process, from conception to application. This allows me to put on dual hats - as a designer, and as a sign-writer so I can ensure that my designs will work well in real world applications, such as large format signage, vehicle branding, banners etc. 

My background in corporate marketing has allowed me to build up a fine tuned skill-set and work ethic focused on consistency and working to branding guidelines. This allows me to work with clients to ensure that their visual identity is complete and comprehensive.

I am able to help businesses with marketing strategy, looking at a business from a holistic view, targeting multiple aspects to ensure you get the best results for your business.

Katie Durbin
Katie Durbin

I love working with my clients to deliver the best results, across their websites, graphic design and marketing strategy.


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