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How To Social Media: How Often Should I Post on Facebook

With so much emphasis on social media as one of the tools for business, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed. So in this first post in a series of How To Social Media, let's talk about the often agonised over question - how often should I post on Facebook?

The good news is that various companies have already done all the hard work, and conducted studies into this very subject, with varying results - but there are some common themes, particularly for business.

To make it even easier, and to help you work smarter, not harder, here are some simple guidelines:


  • Minimum - Post a minimum of three times per week
  • Maximum - Post no more than once a day, or you’ll start to feel spammy, and keep your maximum posting frequency to 10 times per week.


  • The best time to post has been found to be between 1-4pm
  • If you have to skip a day, it has actually been found to be better to skip a weekday, since most Facebook users are most active on weeknights and weekends.

Number of Followers also need to take into account how many followers you have....because that can influence how successful your engagement is.

  • Facebook pages with smaller amounts of followers (less than 10-000) should post about 16–30 times a month, or roughly once every day or two. If you do more than this, you risk wasting that time and effort, because doubling your frequency may half your total clicks. 
  • If you have a bigger fan base, then you can up your post, to about once or twice a day.

And don't forget - posting on Facebook is about more than just getting's about building engagement with your audience...but that's a subject for our next How To Social Media.

If you want any more advice, or help with you Social Media strategy, feel free to contact us to help grow your business.


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