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Design Direction: Classic or Trendy?

When you are looking freshen up your business design, or start from scratch, it can be tempting to want something on trend, like everyone else is doing. But sometimes trendy isn't always best, in a marketplace where everyone is using the latest trends, how you can you hope to stand out when you all look the same?  And how do you make sure you are picking something that will stand the test of time, and not need renewed when the colour of the month has changed?

Standing Out in a Sea Of Lookalikes

In a world that is constantly vying for our attention, and in this age of social media dominance, it is so important to find a way to stand out and be noticed. Standing out visually requires creating something that is both impactful and noticeable. And this is where being trendy can be a problem - as relying on “Flavor of the Month” ideas for your brand and your advertising actually ultimately renders it irrelevant. This is where your Graphic Designer comes in to help with this challenge.

Every year about the same time, the design industry is presented with the “hottest” palettes or individual colors for everything from Pantone swatches to kitchen appliances, and with this comes a temptation to become fixated on these and they become overused. They may get attention at first but ultimately, in a sea of sameness, trendy designs sink into ubiquitous obscurity.

For an easy and quick understanding - simply take a look at any of the Top 40 Music Videos on mute, and you will notice that they are almost all interchangeable - the colours, the styling, the graphics, the artists. There's a reason we are so easily able to slot videos and tv programs into an era - because everything of that era shared the same characteristics - and that's not something you want for your brand "oh that's so 2018....!"

Fresh and Timeless - It Works

A great designer can find a beautiful blend and balance between trendy, relatable and classic, something timeless and authentic for your business - not just something that is current and fashionable, but needs updated in 2 years when the new trend comes along.

What you want is to work with your Graphic Designer to help determine your identity, and take a look at classic trends that might complement your business, with a fresh modern twist, that will keep looking fresh even 5 years down the line - otherwise you run the risk of having to redo stationery, uniforms, vehicles, signage - all because the trend is now out of fashion.

It is all too easy to get caught up in a trend, and forget about what your brand represents - your business - and your business is selling to your customers. There's no point trying to be trendy and hip if your target market isn't into that. Sometimes taking a step back and viewing through your customers eyes can be extremely beneficial - the customer is who you want to appeal and relate to, so make sure your branding does just that.

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