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Branding - More Than Just a Logo

Branding is a critical, but often overlooked element of any business, and many times people think that logo design IS branding. While it is true that logo design and branding go hand-in-hand, they are not the same. 

Many businesses overlook the true potential of what a brand can and will accomplish, settling for just a logo. But, what is the difference between a logo and branding - and why do you need a brand anyway, not just a logo?

Difference Between a Logo and a Brand

A logo is a business’ identification in its simplest form via a recognizable mark or symbol.  Your logo is purely for identification, sort of like your avatar in a way, and does not explain or sell, nor is it a strategy. To be a truly good logo, there should be five elements - your logo should be memorable, simple, appropriate, versatile and timeless, and above all represent your company, and pave the way for effective branding. 

Branding is more than a logo, or visual identification. A brand is the emotion behind what someone feels, sees and possibly tastes when they interact with your company on any level. At the core, branding is an emotional experience.So what that tells us, is that the logo comes before a brand, but is not the brand itself - it is the identifier for that brand. Your brand is the image behind what your business believes and strives to accomplish, it is your personality. Therefore a brand bears much more responsibility than a logo.

Brilliant Branding

Brilliant branding goes beyond what your designer lays as the visual foundation of a brand, because the brand’s audience is what truly shapes it. It is imperative that the foundation is set down correctly and in line with your business’ image and goals. Understanding your market’s perception of your brand, against your company’s goals leads to making informed branding decisions and developing a brand that will endure and remain timeless.

Your brand should be consistent and follow a strategy, and developed with much thought as to how your audience will respond to it, since branding is an emotional experience that people want to be a part of. 

Make it engaging!

Small Business Branding

For small businesses, however, branding doesn’t always seem that easy. What does meaningful and effective branding look like on a small scale for a small business? 

Having lots of money, or even an awesome logo doesn’t create a good brand. No matter what the size of your company, at it's core, branding always comes back to creating a positive perception for your customer through clear, concise and consistent communication - 

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