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Branding | Website Design | Brand Photography | Graphic Design

Silenzio Pottery make beautiful handcrafted ceramic products, handmade from NZ Stoneware.

When Andrew and Anne Killick moved to Oamaru, they needed to set up their new business, I was engaged to do their branding, website and product photography.

This was such a fun project, as the products they make are absolutely incredible, and getting to view the behind the scenes at their Oamaru studio was truly inspiring.

The new website needed to allow for sales of their products - both their core range and their bespoke collection, as well as allow for booking of pottery lessons in a seamless manner.

Being able to flex my long unused photography muscles for their product photography was also so much fun, being able to be hands on with the products, showcasing their beauty.

For the branding aspect, I wanted to make sure I captured the raw beauty of their materials, as well as the calm, soothing atmosphere of the studio. An olive and khaki palette, and clean simple logo blends the two together beautifully.



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