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Conference Programme Design | Marketing Design
Social Media Design | Survey Design | Participant Certificate Design

We are so proud to be able to help Stronger Waitaki in the amazing work they do to keep our communities safe.  Stronger Waitaki does an amazing job in the community, with a focus on making Waitaki District a safe place to life, work and play.  They work in sectors from family violence to elderly support. 

We have been proud to support Stronger Waitaki in their goals by assisting them with design for various events they have held in the community.

One of our larger projects was assisting with the inaugural Family Violence Conference in 2018 - covering topics ranging from pornography as sex education, through to strangulation, an event that draws international speakers and attendees.  

We were asked to design and create the entire marketing suite for the conference, and we have been proud to have been associated with this event every year since.

“Stronger Waitaki has benefited from the superb skills and expertise of Katie Seddon. These have included web design, presentations, and event promotion marketing.  We fully recommend Katie as a high quality, responsive and innovative service.”

Helen Algar, Stronger Waitaki



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